Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Months of Charlie...

Charlie is now a whopping 10 months old!  This was a big month for him, he has 5 teeth now, started making animal noises, and is eating more solids.  We have finally introduced wheat, but he is still failing corn, big time.  It makes him so sick, terrible rash and frightening diapers. He adores grahm crackers and cheerios.   He loves to be read to, and will even flip through books on his own.  He especially loves books with animals and babies in them.  He makes sounds for the polar bear, gorilla, and lion.  He says Mama and Dada, and will sometimes say Amma for Grandma.  He still loves to be held, and tries to kiss you with a big, wide, wet mouth.  Eww.  Sleeping hasn't gotten any better and we have just kinda come to accept it. He typically goes to bed at 8, then wakes at 12, 2:30, and 5.  Grandma takes him from 5am or 6am on, and Jason and I then sleep until 8 or so, that way we don't go totally crazy.  Despite that, Charlie is such a joy to me.  I love playing with him and teaching him new things.  William is really starting to play with him and Charlie just eats it up.  I love seeing these two guys become buddies!

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