Monday, March 8, 2010

A Two Year Old Well Child...

Today was the big "2 year old" Dr visit. I was really excited to see where William stood, especially in his height and weight. He is now 36.5 inches tall (96%), and 30lbs 2oz (76%). His head is still enormous at 51.2cm (>97%)! Huge...poor guy will never find hats when he grows up... Anyway, he is meeting or exceeding all the developmental milestones, which is great. He is FINALLY able to throw, and he can jump with both feet now. His language skills were excellent, but we already knew that. It was really funny because as Dr Rahman was asking the questions he was showing off some of the skills. It was so cute! He got his final Hep A vaccine and now we are totally done till his kindergarten shots! Whoopee! I refused the lead test today since I didn't feel he needed it, and he had to get a shot, I didn't want a blood poke too! After that we took Jason to work and went to the Great Kids Village in Silver Spring again. We had a great time and William slept for 2 hours this afternoon!

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