Saturday, March 13, 2010

And Now We Are Two...

Fireman William tries to put a stamp on his hand using a pretend didn't work.
Fireman William needs a lesson: Point the fire extinguisher AWAY from you!

Sliding down to fight some fires!

Feeding this strange Pelican toy. It has a variety of sea creatures to feed it.

The ever popular ball pit!

Last Thursday we played at the park for a long time, knowing that the rain was on the way.

I found this self portrait on the camera!

We have been busy lately, but not with anything too exciting. William is very busy pretending these days. He uses his garbage truck for a long time every day and brings other random characters in to the scenario. He has a little bunny that helped drive the steam roller behind the garbage truck today. It is really fun to see his imagination taking off! He even says things for the characters. They are simple phrases, but still really fun to watch! Jason is in Portland all this week at a conference, so William and I have been having some special time this weekend. We will both be happier when Daddy comes back home though!


Simmons Family said...

We had a nice visit with your husband the other day.

Kelly and Jason said...

He had a great time and loved seeing the kids. I am really glad he was able to make it up there...