Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maybe a Bit Too Much?

So I was writing letters on a piece of paper and asking William which letter it was, and so of course he was answering correctly, so I was praising him. He then said "I'm SO Smart!" Ooops! Guess we have to watch how much we praise him and how much we talk about him when he's around! I don't want him to get full of himself!

My favorite thing came right after that, William will start pointing to the letters and start quizzing YOU! He says " What's this letter?" and you answer and he says "Very Good!" If you get it wrong (on purpose, I hope) he will say "Try Again!" He is just chatting so much these days and it is so fun to hear him....

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Julieplaid said...

Well, it is better than the alternative, and he IS the smartest kid in the world, and the cutest and has the best Aunties.