Thursday, June 4, 2009


I don't know how it is in the rest of the country, but around here it stinks to try and get out and join in group activities with other Moms and kids. You try and be friendly, make small talk, ask about their stupid, snotty little kid, how old they are,etc, tell them they're cute even when they aren't, etc. But around here it seems that it starts with the birthing class, you make friends there, then you go to Mommy and Me classes together when your babies hit 3months. Then you do Kindermusic, My Gym, etc. We didn't do that. So now when we go to various story times, open gym, etc, these women have already made buddies with each other and there is no room for any more friends! These little cliques formed and it is just like high school all over again. It stinks! Some of the Mom's will chat with me until their friends show up and then they won't introduce me to their friends they will excuse themselves and leave me out in the cold. Maybe I am just in the wrong neighborhood. The women here don't seem to appreciate it that I don't have 2 cars, I live in a *gasp* APARTMENT, and William is not on a waiting list for preschool! Just a rant, sorry, but I need to vent and obviously I have no one here to vent to!


Little Blessings said...

I would talk to you and let you be my friend :) I think that problem is most places unfortunately. I find the same thing at the library story time and the park. It would be great if you found an activity for yourself that had a kid activity as well. Sometimes those mommies are a bit more friendly because they are in the same boat.

Molly said...

Just wait until I get there, I'll show those snotty moms what's what!