Monday, June 8, 2009

15 month visit

Today we took William for his 15 month visit. He was still 26lbs 14oz, a whopping 33 inches!!, and a 50.25 head circumference. He was on track for all the developmental milestones, a total of about 30 words now, and we discussed the bottle issue. I am still going to let him have it until he is done with it. He only takes 3 a day and doesn't take it to bed, so the Dr agreed that it was fine. We wrapped up the visit with his MMR and a Hep A vaccine. The pain was quickly soothed with a lollipop and he fell asleep on the way home. Poor Guy!


Little Blessings said...

He is so tall! I wonder where he is getting that from?

Kelly and Jason said...

My dad. He was very tall, over 6ft. Molly is nice and tall, 5' 8". Lucky!