Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day Jason!

I have to work tomorrow so we packed up and took a trip into DC for Father's Day. We took William to the National Aquarium, which is small but nice. He liked the alligators most of all, and got a coral snake at the gift shop which he chewed on the rest of the day. After the Aquarium we went to a nice seafood place for "Lupper" and I had the ultimate sandwich for me. It had lobster, crab, and shrimp all together on one bun! Amazing! Will had fish and Jason had scallop and mushroom ravioli. Will did pretty well in the restaurant considering it took a long time for everything to come. A note to all you purveyors of food: I don't need a relaxing meal when I have a 15 month old with me. I need the food fast, and the bill even faster. I don't need time to enjoy a leisurely meal. That won't exist for another 10 years. Thanks!
After that we went to the National Portrait Gallery. Jason hadn't been yet so I took him to the hall of Presidents. Some of the portraits are so well done and others are really not. The one of Ronald Regan is just bad, and the one of Bill Clinton looks very little like him. Will ran around climbing on all the benches and making the security guards give him dirty looks. They are always so crabby. They have a huge atrium area in the center so we let Will run loose out there and he found another little girl to play with that was his age. We soon admitted it was time to go home and by the time we got back to the car William was fast asleep. He woke up with a second wind and is still in his crib as I type banging his busy box against the bars. I would love to have a video camera set up someday to see what all he does in there after we put him to bed. It sounds like he has a lot of fun in there! To Jason: Thank you so much for all that you do for both William and me. You are an amazing husband and Daddy and Will thinks you are the best and so do I!

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