Thursday, February 19, 2009

Zoo Day

Will is checking out the Pandas. Check out all those teeth in the bottom picture!

Gorilla Mama and her baby- the reflections are always bad, but you can kinda see the baby's head under her boob to the left.

The elephant was on the scale- Check it out that's over 5,000 pounds!

William and I took off to the zoo today. The national zoo is very fun, it has Pandas and most importantly a newborn baby Gorilla! I wanted to see this baby very badly, as I seem to have a magnetic attraction to baby primates. I envied Michael Jackson terribly when he had Bubbles the Chimp. Anyway, we had a fun time, it was cold but there were lots of animals out and it was sunny. Will liked seeing the Elephant up close(Check out the weight on the scale!) and was very interested in the Gorillas and the Orangutans. The mommy Gorilla was so sweet with her baby, she had her about 4 weeks ago, and actually gave birth during the day, and some people actually got to see it live! That would have been so cool! We also saw the cows at the petting farm and he tried to climb over the fence. We ate at the cafe there and had a lunch of a small cheeseburger,small fry and hotdog and one drink for 19.55! Yikes! I keep reminding myself that the admission is free...

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