Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miserable Baby

William has a bad cold. He had the sniffles on Sunday and then Monday I decided to go ahead and give him the second flu shot. It seems to have made him sicker, a lot sicker! I decided to go ahead though since he will be flying next week and the planes are always so germy. He has tons of snot, a goopey eye, and is extremely fussy. He is watching Teletubbies right now and that seems to be helping at the moment. He spent much of the last 2 hours screaming on the floor or screaming in my arms. I wish we could still give babies cold medicine, but for now the humidifier and TV will have to do. I have to work both days this weekend so hopefully he will get a little better before Saturday.


Little Blessings said...

Poor little guy!

Teresa Leigh said...

Oh so sad! I hope he recovers quick!

Kelly and Jason said...

I hope so too! I can't deal with this crabby baby day after day!