Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

A quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We spent the day happily preparing for the evening, and watching a Christmas marathon. We got all the way from Red Ryder to Garfield. Pretty much every great holiday classic! Will opened 3 presents with help, but basically was unwilling after that. He loves the paper and boxes though and we are realizing that on the next kid we can save a ton of money! Hope everyone is having a great day!
Sorry the picture is so dark, as is my husband....
Will got a gnome jack in the box, and seems to be scared and thrilled at the same time.

Solution to overcome fear?...Throttle the Gnome.

Will sleeps through his first Christmas Eve Service.

Will in the car, being very charming in hopes of avoiding his car seat restraints.

Will thinks that the echo-y boxes are the best part of Christmas.

Will took one taste of the dill pickle and literally THREW it down, then proceeded to pick it up and continue eating it while entertaining us with some great faces.

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Little Blessings said...

My kids have been known to keep tasting lemon after they know it is sour. It is hysterical. Looks like a fun Christmas!