Friday, December 26, 2008

American History Museum

The Iconic Kermit.
Mom and Molly in front of the Capitol.

Mom shoring up the Washington Monument.

Molly and her dear friend Steven Colbert, from the "Colbert Report".
Edith Wilson's Purse, it had an amazing amount of beads, all hand done of course. Wow!

Mamie Eisenhower's Inaugural gown, it was gorgeous! I would never have guessed she would wear this kind of thing. Her matching shoes and purse are also there. Her feet were pretty big.

The American History Museum finally opened after 2 years of renovations. It was very crowded and really not yet completed, but still fun to visit. The "Hall of First Ladies" just opened on the 19th so we were eager to see that. Will was very irritated with being in the stroller all day and was grateful for the few times we were able to turn him loose. Below are a couple of random pictures from the past couple of days.

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Julie said...

I totally agree about Mamie's dress! I thought it was fabulous! It was my favorite. Kermit creeps me out though, almost like taxidermy. It is just seems wrong. Did you see the Ruby Slippers? ps it snowed another inch here today.