Thursday, January 24, 2008

No more minimalism in this house!

We are now the owners of so much baby equipment I can't fathom that we could need anything else. I am posting the pictures of our swing and bouncer, these were from a very kind patient at work. I cleaned them well and they are so cute. We also have the matching baby gym, but I need to put it together to take a picture. I am also posting a picture of my 1st cake from my Wilton cake decorating class. I decided to take the class to keep me occupied for the next couple weeks. It was very fun, and yet very challenging. It says "Work Those Wrists" because at the time my wrists were so sore I could scream! I will be doing two cakes a week, so look forward to more pictures.

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Simmons Family said...

Wow, what a nice swing! I love baby hand me downs! They don't get a lot of wear so they stay so nice! Your cake class sounds like fun!