Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Cakes

Now, the colors are kind of a weird combo, but my Roses are pretty darn good for a first timer! Cake class was last night and it was what I had been waiting for, Roses. They are really hard to do. Just the base took 10 tries to get right. Gives me more respect for those little old ladies in the back of Safeway.... There is only one more night in this session, so only one more cake to do. I am not going to do the next session till after the baby comes. I am actually quite sick right now. I am not sure if it's pneumonia or bronchitis. I am going to call the OB tomorrow morning and see what I am supposed to do. Baby is doing well though, as long as I manage to not cough him out in one of these fits! Grandpa Mike came to see us on Saturday night and Sunday. We had a nice, albiet short visit. We went to a friends for dinner Saturday night before Mike got here, had a good time watching the South Carolina primaries roll in. We were all very pleased at the results. Solon (Jason's cousin) was commenting on it the next day on national TV so it was fun to think of what response he should give. Sunday Solon and Andrea and the kiddos came over to see Mike and torture the cats. I made breakfast and then Jason and I went to the hospital tour. The maternity suites are very nice. Big rooms and they have the kitchen set up so you can get snacks whenever you want. They have a rocker in each room and a uncomfortable fold out bed thing for Dads. I am looking forward to "D" Day, I am getting more and more sore and tired. I am just not cut out for the pregnancy thing. I love the baby thing, just not the creative process.

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Little Blessings said...

Hang in there girl! I know I was dying by the end but it is amazing how quickly your misery will fade once you have been holding your new little one for a few days! I think the uncomfortable fold out beds are a rite of passage for new dads. Eric has hated that part every time for all of our kids births but he still insists on being at the hospital with me the whole duration of my stay (which I do appreciate) just in case the baby or I need something. He is also the one who changes all the hospital diapers, I think that maybe he feels he is doing his part since I have to go through the pregnancy and delivery and he can't help with that at all!