Saturday, October 20, 2007

One week out......

Today is one week since my hospitalization. I am feeling much better, still sore, and I am still trying to get my stamina back to return to work. I may need to go back half days for the next week. The stitches are itchy so that's a good sign. Andrea and Solon came over today to visit with the kids. It was weird not being able to pick them up. I was sitting in the cafe we went to for lunch watching them and realizing that soon we too will join the parent set officially. It seems so surreal. Gabriella is getting SO big, and active. She can really hold up her head on her tummy, and sit with help. She is drooling all over now, and putting everything in her mouth. Alessandra is talking a ton, and potty training. Most of her attention seems to be taken up by the bathroom right now. She seems to love the whole routine and wants to wash her hands frequently. She and Jason played a lot today and I played and talked to Gabriella. I trimmed her nails too, just to keep in practice. You forget how little those fingers really are. So, to change topics, my new 20 week ultrasound is now this coming Friday, with an OB appt the following Wednesday. The baby seems to be moving, and I had a frightening experience with Braxton-Hicks contractions yesterday. I had no idea they could start this soon. The Dr's office said that it is perfectly normal so that made me feel better. AND the big news is that Jason got the NRC postdoc that will give me health insurance for myself and the baby until we move. Such a huge relief off my chest. I was trying to figure out what the heck I was gonna do after the baby came. - That's all for now. I will post more when I have more news.

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