Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Halloween

Flowers from Julie, Mom, and Dr Rahman after my surgery.
The Holiday fun outside our front door! The white one is the baby's. My wreath is a little lopsided.
We got pumpkins today. I carved them all this evening, while watching scary movies. ( Well, Disney style scary) I got my first white one, for the baby, and I love the way it glows all over. I will now have one as part of my halloween tradition. I am feeling fine today, trying to eat for the baby, which lately we have started calling "Sprout". Not much going on this coming week, I am back at work full time, and I have my 20 week appointment on Wednesday. I will actually be 21 and 1/2 weeks by then. The baby is a little over 1 pound now. All systems are set, so now all it needs to do is fatten up. The Dr said I need to gain at least 10 pounds over the next 19 weeks. I bought some real haggendaaz today so that should do the trick. Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

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