Friday, August 29, 2014

Our State Fair...

Cotton candy- with NO bag! 

Baby piggy in the birthing barn- There was a calf being born just a few feet away from us!  Poor cow.

Look how much older Will looks with his new teeth...

Charlie was thrilled being up so high in the sky! 

Concentrating hard to win a big prize! 

Charlie got a platypus and William got this horrific horn.  It is now outside only. 

Will was big enough to go on the bungee trampolines, they were so much fun! 


The Giant Slide.  Enough said.

Charlie immediately wanted to go again! 

The Red Baron..

and his tail gunner..

A royal little wave...

These boats were really fun, and the longest ride they were allowed! 

Charlie was cruisin for chicks...
The final ride of the night...

Now that we have been here a whole year, we decided the time had come to see the Minnesota State Fair.  
All in all, I am glad we went.  My wallet however isn't.  It was EXPENSIVE.  Like crazy, crazy expensive.  The fun to money ratio wasn't there.  It was very crowded and not well organized.  The food was way over priced and not that good.  The cheese curds were very greasy, I've had better at Culver's (local chain), the corn on the cob was $4!!  For an ear of steamed corn.  It was out of control.  The part that shocked me most was that there was no wristband option for the rides.  Everything was by the ticket and the tickets weren't cheap.  I can't even tell you how much because I don't want future generations to know I wasted so much money.  ( :   The kids had a ball though, and you can't really put a price on that...until you add it up after.  

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