Monday, August 11, 2014

A Day Out With Thomas...or Get the Heck Away From Me!

This was Charlie's reaction to seeing Thomas.  Not what we expected at all!  He reacted this way every time we went near the engine! 

He was much happier to go play in the sand and building areas...

Will loved the inflatables...

And he was willing to pose next to Thomas for a picture!

We thought buying Charlie some new train cars would cheer him up.  Alas, we were wrong.

Both kids loved the short trolley ride.  It was a cute car from the 1920's that ran in Minneapolis for a long time. 

We saw Thomas coming our way while we were on the trolley.  Charlie was unimpressed. 

Mommy and Charlie ridin' the rails...

This is as close to Sir Topham Hat as Charlie was willing to least he is smiling though! 

Good bye Thomas.  We will not be seeing you again any time soon! 

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