Saturday, September 7, 2013

Moving On Up...(North)

William said goodbye to Goldie (the beta).  She headed North to Minnesota with Daddy, and she made it!

All our stuff piled up fast!!

The most exciting part was watching the movers back the truck into our little parking lot!

Our stuff took up the first part of the truck, basically right up to the first door. 

We said Goodbye to our dear little townhouse.  Lots of happy memories here...

The drive was LONG, but we had dual DVD players and lots of snacks!  We left on Tuesday at noon and arrived in Minneapolis on Thursday at about 6pm.  Not too bad!

Our first view of Minnesota!  This was crossing the Mississippi...

So, we found out near the end of July that Jason's job finally came through.  He had to start on the 12th, and so it all started to quickly come together.  The company paid for movers THANK GOD! and they even packed!  I worked till the 9th, and then spent the week getting ready for the move.  Jason came home for the weekend and we spent the time cleaning and organizing.  We had never had movers before so it was an interesting experience.  They were amazing, fast, organized, and really knew exactly what they were doing.  They packed the whole place in 8 hours and loaded it in less time than that.  We brought the kids back from the hotel to see the place one last time and we had a pizza picnic on the floor, and said goodbye.  It was sad, we have had lots of happy times in that house.  The next morning we got on the road after dropping Jason off at the airport shuttle.  We drove and drove and then arrived in Minneapolis on Thursday night.  Friday morning I met up with a realtor and I picked out a place to live.  I had to do it fast in order to be able to register William for school in time.  I found a great place that I will post more about when we move in.  For now we are living at a Homewood Suites and I can't complain.  It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with breakfast and dinner, and maid service. Who can complain??

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