Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eye See We Have a Problem...

After Preschool, on Tuesday, Jason and I picked Will up and we grabbed a quick bite before the eye appointment.  Will got his first smoothie at Panera and loved it! (I make them at home, but this was a big deal getting it out at Panera)

Looking slightly apprehensive in the chair...

Check out that dilation! He was not a fan of the drops, nor the light sensitivity.  Thankfully, I brought sunglasses for him.

Daddy joined him in the chair for the second half of the exam.  That made things easier for everyone.
Will had failed his vision screening at his 4 year old well child exam, so Dr Rahman sent us to Children's to the Opthamologist.  We had explained before hand what would happen, and Will was thrilled that there would be no "fluid shots".  I was feeling hopeful that he would get there, and they would tell us that it had been a fluke and he could see just fine.  Then, as the testing went on, I realized that he really couldn't see well, especially out of the right eye.  He really hated having the left eye patched, and kept asking to make the letters bigger.  It became very clear that there really is a problem.  The Dr said that he has to have glasses, and if he doesn't wear them all the time, he could end with a lazy eye.  Poor Will.  We got the prescription, and took our little man to pick out some nice glasses.  We ended up going to a nice, small shop that specialized in children's glasses.  They had lots of nice ones to pick from, including some funky ones, that thankfully, William didn't like. They didn't have any with diamond lenses and tungsten carbide frames though.  I wanted unbreakable!  We should have the glasses in a week, and it will be very interesting to see how he reacts.  I can't believe that we never had any signs that he couldn't see well, although he has never been good at seeing things right around him, so maybe we just didn't realize what the signs were! 

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