Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Charlie's One Year Stats...

Charlie had his 1 year well child visit this morning, combined with his preop for the surgery on Thursday.  He is right on track for everything, and is growing like a weed!  
Ht 30.5in
Wt 21lbs 14oz
Head 47.8cm
Dr Rahman said he is going to be tall and lean.  Nothing would make me happier! 


Simmons Family said...

Why is he having surgery?

Kelly said...

He has had basically a constant ear infection or double infection since November, so they are putting in tubes. It's a quick and easy surgery though, and it is really supposed to help. I am hoping his balance will improve with them. That's the number one way I can tell when he has an infection, he falls more and even faceplants when crawling!

Simmons Family said...

Poor guy! Hope everything goes well for him.