Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boston Children's Museum...

The boys on the bank of the actual spot where the  Boston Tea Party took place!

William on the bridge over the spot...

In the museum 3 story climber...I hate these things, if the kid gets freaked out, there is no good way to get them down again! Baltimore has one too, except it has many, many entrances and exits so it makes this one look good!

Will loves all these golf ball based mechanical doohickeys..

Charlie enjoyed getting to know that elusive "baby in the mirror"...

These are real musical chairs: When you sit in one a different kind of music is heard overhead!

Every kid loves to play with real tools! I wonder how long it takes for the kids to saw one of these down....

Will was so happy to have some safety goggles!

We found, what may be the world's best bathroom for little boys...It's a large display of various animals poo!  Wow!  Will was thrilled!

They have cranes to move things around on, which Will spent a lot of time doing...very carefully!

They had 2  Bobcats to drive!

Charlie got to test out his driving skills in a jeep...

We spent more time in the golf ball room, and Charlie practiced his pulling up..

Will loved making the electricity to run lights and a motorized contraption above his head...You can see how proud he is of himself!

The always thrilling rope climber...

We made 2 trips into the baby room for Charlie...he loved it, and I loved the calm in this area...the rest of the place is a little nuts!

Hi Mom!

More standing!
We had a great day and 2 tired boys after a full day at the Children's Museum!  We were worn out, but it was time well spent!  Boston has one of the best Children's Museums I have ever seen, and it is also one of the less expensive!

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