Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Charlie at 2 Months...

Charlie had his 2 Month Well Baby visit today.  He has been pretty crabby since the vaccines, but it was fun to see his latest stats.  He is currently 12 lbs 5 oz, 24 inches long, and 40.6cm head circumference. That puts him at the 85th % for height, 65th% for weight, and 66th% for his head.  William was 12lbs 13oz, and 23.75in at the same age, so Charlie is a little lighter, but a little longer.  His head is always quite a bit smaller though!  Thank goodness!  Maybe Charlie will fit into hats, unlike William.  In other news, Charlie is doing much better these days.  His reflux is getting better with his medication, and the formula has made a world of difference.  I still haven't gotten the insurance to start paying for it, but we should get all the kinks out soon.  It is costing us about 10 bucks a day to feed him, so it is really hurting our pocket book.  He is sleeping much better now that I started putting him on his stomach.  We are all nervous about it, but Grandma bought us an Angel Care Monitor which monitors the baby's movements, including the breathing movement, and alarms if it stops.  I have tested it quite a few times  now, and though I thought it was crazy and over protective at first, I am really impressed now.  I feel much safer with it.  It has been a wild 2 months, but we are thrilled Charlie has come to join our family, and I love having a chance to do it all again. 

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