Sunday, September 12, 2010

Parks, Potties and Pantlessness...

William is currently without pants at home, to assist potty training...It seems to be working!
William demonstrates how he gets a drink of can imagine how this looks without pants!

We spent a long time at the park on Saturday, enjoying this lovely weather.
William looks very melancholy here....

Capn' Will in his pirate ship...

Will and Daddy were climbing the cargo net. Will made it all the way to the very top and back down again!
I am not sure where this weekend went. I worked both days, but yesterday after work we had to run errands. William got a hair cut as you can see. He really needed it, his hair was getting really tangled and he hates when I comb it out. It's easier to keep it shorter, though I miss his curls. We stopped at the big squashy playground on the way home and played for quite a while, then went to Star Diner for dinner and played in the square again. I am so glad we didn't move far from our old area, we can still enjoy the Kentlands, but we don't have to pay the cost of living in them! Today Will and Daddy ran errands so I could take a nap when I got home. The littlest Simmons is making me pretty tired and I wish I could just sleep all day. The sad thing is though, it isn't restfull sleep, it's light and I wake up frequently. Very frustrating! Otherwise this baby is doing well, 117 beats per minute yesterday and it is measuring perfectly. On the potty training front: We haven't changed a daytime diaper since last Monday! One week tomorrow! Will seems to have actually gotten it this time, and is even taking himself to the potty all on his own, and is staying dry at naptime! We still put him diapers at night, but I am not having to wash any diapers! Whoo hoo! He is using public potties with no problem and seems to be able to go at least 2 hours without having to go at all! That's longer than me!


Little Blessings said...

Hooray for Will! That is wonderful. Someday my Lucy will be there too. =]

Kelly and Jason said...

I'm still waiting for it to all fall apart, at this age, you just never know! But, any poop I don't have to take care of it fantastic!

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