Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Croup Barks at Midnight....

We had quite an adventure early Friday morning. William woke us up at 2:00 am coughing and wheezing like crazy. I honestly thought he had inhaled some small thing and it had caught in his windpipe! He was coughing and gagging, and it was very scary. He basically couldn't speak and was acting strange. We loaded him up in the car and rushed him to the ER. They immediately diagnosed it as croup and gave him steroids orally and epinephrine in a nebulizer. It was a strange experience for all of us. We were there until 4:30am, and I was so happy that we got out before it started getting light out! I was afraid that if we didn't William wouldn't go back to sleep. He has continued on the steroids the last 3 days and we have seen a lot of improvement. He still has a smoker voice, but at least it sounds as though he switched to filters. LOL! Other wise we are all fine. Jason starts his new job tomorrow, I started teaching injection classes at the clinic, and William is potty trained. As long as we refer to his pee-pee as putting concrete into the cement mixer (the potty) he loves to do it and I haven't changed a diaper in 4 weeks! Whoo-hoo! As for the gummi bear, it seems to be growing well and I am feeling pretty good, just very tired. I could hibernate all the way through the first trimester...if only it were possible!

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