Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bounce U!

I realized that I never posted these. We went to "Bounce U" while Molly was still here. I had seen it on TV and figured we should try it out. They had a special playtime for kids age 5 and under, which I love. I hate when kids that are way older that William are running around and knocking him over. Anyway, it is basically a huge room with 4 inflatables. There was a little kid sized obstacle course, a huge slide that Molly and I both went down with him, a basketball game and a dodgeball cage with really soft balls. It was great, and really wore us out! The slide was by far the best part! A funny story about the little girl next to Molly in the second picture: She was about 3 or 4 and she was climbing up the slide behind Molly and William and she said "I like your baby. What do you call it?" so Molly answered "William" and she said "It's nice to meet you William!" So cute! What manners! I love the way she called him "it"!

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