Friday, September 25, 2009

Funny or Tasteless?

There is a LOT of controversy surrounding this shirt in our house. Molly and I bought it at Gettysburg and we thought it was funny. He is a Lil' Rebel! However Jason, Aunt Julie and Grandma think it's tasteless, mainly because of the flag.... They also had a Lil' Yankee one, next time I will get that! What do you think? Tasteless or Funny?


Teresa Leigh said...

It's funny, people need to get those panties out of a bunch. He is a baby who has no idea what he is wearing so it is funny!

Little Blessings said...

I think it is cute!

Julie said...

Debbie Thinks it is cute, and fine for kids, not adults. okay, I can agree with that mostly.