Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Challenges

So, now I am pregnant, but can I stay that way? I went to the OBGYN on Monday and they drew the HCG and Progesterone. The HCG was up to 9,829 from 4,485 from last Thursday, so that is a good increase. However, the progesterone was 1/2 of the minimum. Only 7.5 and it should be over 15. So now I have to lay on my back with my hips elevated twice a day exactly 12 hours apart with progesterone on my cervix for half an hour. AND it costs 147 dollars a month! Crazy! But if we end up with a healthy baby it will be all worth it. I am approx. 6 weeks now so they should be able to see a heartbeat next week on the ultrasound. If there isn't one there I think I will be devastated. Mom cried just at the thought of a miscarriage. I feel like I will let my family down as well as myself if this pregnancy doesn't make it.

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