Friday, February 6, 2015

Big Boy Charlie...

Well.  I was beginning to think this kid would NEVER be potty trained.  Nothing could tempt him.  I had promised train sets, movies, legos, chocolate, cake, cookies!  You name it, we tried it.  He was very, very resistant.  He didn't care if he was wet.  He didn't care if he had poop in his diaper.  He hated being changed.  It was rough.  So, I told him that we were counting down and on Saturday morning, he would not have anymore pull ups or diapers, except for bedtime.  We had puddles.  Lots of puddles.  We had successful days, and terrible days where I was ready to throw him back in diapers.  Finally, one day it all seemed to click.  He is now wearing big boy underpants full time.  He is independently using the toilet.  I am still carrying spares wherever we go, but I am certain we are over the hump!  I am so proud of Charlie.  Change is really hard for him.  But once he is finally able to see it will all be ok, he is very proud of himself! I brought big boy Lego Movie undies home for him from Target today.  He was thrilled!

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