Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Charlie!

Hurry Up with the Cake!!

Charlie wasn't too sure about that candle...

I told him he would have to blow it out, but he kept sniffing at it!

He mostly wanted the little car stuck on the top of the cupcake...

Earlier that morning he opened all the family presents...

The long awaited Octopod!

Sound the Octoalert!

Then we opened the Gup A!
Charlie had a really nice second Birthday.  It almost went as planned.  The night before he developed a really bad ear infection, something we haven't had since he had the tubes put in a year ago.  It is still going strong and we are headed to Children's next week to have it looked at by the ENT.  Poor little guy.  Since the tubes drain it though, he isn't in any pain, which is great. 
  On his birthday morning we got up and he opened his presents from the family.  He got lots of books, lots of Octonauts stuff and lots of dinosaurs.  He was in heaven.  William and Charlie played all morning with all the toys, which was great since we needed to get ready to party.  We had a lot of people this year, 14 kids and all the parents so it was hopping!  We bounced, played, ate and ran around till it was time to go home.  Everyone had a ball.  He got lots of great presents and we felt so fortunate to have so many people around us that care so much about our little boy.  We will miss so many good friends we have gotten to know here.   Since the big day we have just been dealing with a cold and continued ear fun.  We went to his well child exam today and he was:
36.3 inches tall
28 lbs 2oz. 
49.8cm (head)
which means that he is long and lean.  He eats well, but seems to be putting all those calories back out by running around like crazy all the time.  He was on track for everything, and has caught up on his lack of talking and then some.  He talks constantly now and has started more and more phrases.  He says "What happened?"  "Where he go?" etc.  He is great at understanding anything you say, and can follow directions when you tell him to do something.  He loves Cars, Dinos, and Thomas.  His favorite foods are asiago bagels, pesto pasta, hot dogs and chicken noodle soup, and yogurt.  He will eat just about anything though.  Especially if it's on your plate.  He is sleeping better these days, but is still waking up once every other night.  We need to work on getting rid of the binky, and eventually the bottle.  I am taking my patented "no rush" attitude towards it though.  He won't be a baby forever, and he won't go to college with it.  My sweet Charlie can stay little only so long, and I want to relish every single moment! Happy Birthday Charlie!  We love you!

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