Thursday, March 14, 2013

William 5.0

William went in for his 5 year well child visit today.  He is doing great!  Right on track with all his milestones and he is actually growing despite rarely eating.  Here are the new stats:
Ht:  4 years 42.3inches  5 years 44.3inches (77th %)
Wt  4 years 39lbs 8oz  5 years 45lbs (77th%)
Apparently, he is a square. 

We discussed the Kindergarten situation with Dr Rahman and she also agreed that keeping him out of Public School for one more year is wise.  William has really improved with practice on his handwriting and he is enjoying his workbooks more all the time.  At 5 he loves Starwars, How to Train Your Dragon, and Dinosaurs.  He is still a very, very picky eater, living mostly on dairy products and cereal bars.  He loves being read to, and though he is catching on to reading, he tells us he doesn't want to learn because he likes us reading to him.  So sweet.  He and Charlie have the classic love/hate relationship that siblings have.  There are moments like in the picture above, where they are sweetly snuggling, and then there are moments where the very sight of the other infuriates them both.  He loves the outdoors, playgrounds, science experiments, cooking and his favorite thing by far is jumping.  Our bed will never be the same.  Nor will the couches.  We love you William.  You scare us to death with your death defying activities, but our life wouldn't be nearly as exciting without you!

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