Sunday, August 12, 2012

Coming Up for Air...

Life is so chaotic right now, so the blog has suffered neglect.  I believe in making this blog a  true history of our family's life so I will post all the crazy that is happening right now.  We are preparing for our trip to see Aunt Molly married to Richard, which has involved lots and lots of planning and errands. We are gearing up for another school year for William, which he is very excited for.  Will is still taking gymnastics weekly, and is getting good at tumbling.  Sadly, we are running out of time for Jason's position.  This is not the time you want to be unemployed.  The market is terrible.  We have been so horribly stressed out, while trying to keep life as normal as possible for the kids.  Jason and I are constantly on the search for jobs, but there is very little out there for him.  I am preparing for the fact that very soon, I may have to return to work full time, and Jason may have to stay home until we figure out what comes next for our family.  Nobody wants it to come to that, but it is simply the reality, and I am SO happy that I have a degree that will allow me to hop right into a full time position immediately.  I would never have expected this would happen to us, but you just never know.  I am sure this is just a speed bump, and I know we will survive it, but it is such a terrible test on your self esteem, and your confidence.  I can't wait for this chapter to end, and the next to begin.  I am so glad that we have this trip to look forward to.  We need a nice 2 week break from all this stress! I can't wait to take the boys to real castles, and the beaches of the North Sea, and take Jason to a real Football game!

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