Saturday, July 14, 2012

Say Ahhh!

Charlie has had what we thought was just a bad cold, and possibly a sinus infection this week, and on and off has had a croupy cough.  He was on Prednisone this week, and seemed to improve, but this morning he was croupy again, and had a fever.  I decided to take him to urgent care after I got home from work and I was shocked when they said he had strep!  William hasn't had strep yet, so I wasn't really prepared for that.  We got our antibiotics and are now cozy at home with lots of fluids and humidity.  I hope to see Charlie returning to his normal, happy self soon! 


Little Blessings said...

Poor baby! Strep is so miserable. I can't even imagine how nasty he must be feeling!

Simmons Family said...

I love this picture! He looks so pleased with himself. Hope he feels better soon.