Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Puttin' the Kids to Work!

We headed out early this morning, when it was only in the 80's to pick strawberries...

Charlie refused to keep his sunhat on, but looked very cute!

He sat down in one spot and started eating what I can only hope were strawberries, and apparently the occasional piece of straw...

The kids quickly lost interest, mostly due to the heat, and Charlie started walking back on his own, and William kept complaining every 30 seconds that he was tired and really, really needed some shade and a cold drink, so after 20 minutes of picking I was forced to pack it in.  William was thrilled we were leaving, and happily posed for this picture with our bucket of berries!

Charlie was finished with the whole thing as well, and climbed in to the stroller, grabbed his cup and waited till I got my act together and took him back to the AC.

I did convince the kids to stop and check out the goats...

William asked to use the camera to take pictures of the doggies and was thrilled when this one "Smiled" for him!

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