Monday, January 23, 2012

9 Month Stats...

Charlie had his well baby exam this morning and he is growing like a weed.  It is funny to compare him to Will though because he is so much smaller. 
Will: 24lbs 10oz, 29.75 inches.
Charlie: 19lbs 3oz, 28.5 inches with a 46.6cm head circumfrence.
It's no wonder I feel like he is so little!
Everything was on track developmentally, and he showed Dr Rahman some of his latest tricks.  We talked about getting an allergy consult, and Dr Rahman thinks we should see one soon.  I am supposed to start increasing the variety of food he gets, but that is easier said than done when he can't have wheat, corn, soy, or dairy! 
He ended up with 2 shots today and a hemoglobin test, so that wasn't too bad.  Now I just have to keep him comfortable for the next couple days and watch out for his sore little legs!  William was so, so good at the Dr's office so we stopped off at Krispy Kreme on the way home for a congratulatory doughnut.  So yummy!

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