Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bits and Bots...

For comparison, this is the REAL Ponte Vecchio...
Molly is proving to be a marvelous Magna Doodle artist! She was doing this completely from memory! Wow!

William was none too certain about the alligators at the National Aquarium.

He seemed fascinated by this peep hole though!
This Anti Slavery book was quite disturbing, but William was enjoying saying his ABC's with it!
The Town Crier!
By far, the most appropriate outfit for William!

Even a Monkey can play this piano!

Fun in the barrel at Romp and Roll!

We haven't actually been too busy lately. I am recovering well and preparing for my next surgery on 1/20 for my left hand. William has a nasty cold and has now given it to me, so I am hoping we will both be recovered by next week. William is really enjoying having another person around, though he is a really crummy roommate! He climbs out of his crib and wakes Molly up very early every morning. He is singing more and more these days, and was up early serenading Molly with the Teletubbies theme song this morning!

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