Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last Day in Boston...

This expression, while sitting on a pink and purple bike, makes me want to go out and buy him some guns to play with and some chewing tobacco! Gotta get that Testosterone flowing!

We leave tomorrow morning, so I had planned on going to the aquarium, or something big, but quite honestly William and I were just too tired today. I decided to take it slow today, especially considering tomorrow will be a full day of travel. We had a nice breakfast at a cafe and then went to the Public Library, which is the first one in the nation. It was very nice, and had a neat kids area. We read and played with other kids for a while and then we walked to a nice playground one of my guidebooks had mentioned that was close. This playground was fantastic! Tons of kids, but nice ones. Lots of things to play with, and it is used as a co-op preschool playground so there were nice cars and trucks and things that normally you wouldn't see on a typical playground. William had a ball! He ran around the whole time and was exhausted by the end. He fell asleep on the way back to the hotel and slept 2 hours! Wow! In the afternoon we just hung out and waited for Jason to make it back from the conference, we were meeting him for dinner. We decided to go over to Cambridge and see MIT and Harvard. We had dinner at a famous burger joint and then got ice cream as a treat. I got William a little Harvard shirt, though I have no aspirations to see him go there really. I just always think it's funny when little kids wear shirts like that. When he was running down the sidewalk he ended up chipping a tooth! He didn't seem to notice it, but I did this evening when I was brushing his teeth. So, I guess he will have his first trip to the dentist sooner than I thought! Tomorrow we drive home, I think we will head south to Providence, RI on the way home, just to see something different. It has been a great trip, but the best part of any vacation for me is always going home again!

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Auntie Julie said...

He looks Fabulous Darling! Don't forget he needs a huntin' dawg and a large belt buckle too! I am glad you have had fun, have a safe trip home.